This Local Brand Has the Dainty Loungerie Pieces You Need to Elevate Your Pambahay OOTDs

If, like us, you’ve been constantly double-tapping on Julia Barretto’s chic OOTD posts over the quarantine period, then for sure you’ve noticed the pretty co-ords she’s recently worn on Instagram—one of which is a black bandeau top and shorts combo adorned with intricate floral embroideries; and another one is a dainty eyelet set that consists of a bralette and a pair of high-waisted shorts, which we spotted Leila Alcasid wearing as well. Both too cute!

Now, if you’ve been wanting to cop a set or two for yourself, here’s what you ought to know: They’re actually from a local online store called By Abimer. The brand is helmed by designer Abigail Mercado, who was part of the Preview Emerging Fashion Talents in 2016, and she’s been championing #loungerie as a chic yet comfy pambahay alternative that you’ll look and feel good in! Her collection of loungerie—which is basically a play on the words “loungewear” and “lingerie”—is sure to elevate your basic OOTDs at home without compromising the comfort that your average pambahay outfit can offer.

In an exclusive interview with Preview, we catch up with Abigail, the founder and designer of By Abimer, to tell us more about her growing brand and her super dainty aesthetic that will convince you to finally ditch your worn out T-shirt and boxer shorts combo for one of her delicate loungerie sets.

Please tell us about your brand.

By Abimer is a sub-brand of my designer line Abimer. It focuses on ready-to-wear pieces yet still embodies a slow fashion etiquette. By Abimer is a slow fashion brand and we don’t produce so much of the same piece since, aside from sustainability, I want to value exclusivity. Some of the pieces are also made from deadstock fabrics, so once the fabric we are using for a certain design gets all used up, we won’t be restocking the same thing anymore. I really want to shape the brand with as much sustainability as I could, so if I have the option to use ‘retasos’ for the strings of the clothes tag and its packaging, I will definitely do that!”